Try again

Summarized by
Ayesha safder

     Try again is a simple,reflective and moralizing peom gleaned by the pen of a British poet,WILLAIM EDWARD HICKSON.He is credited with the popularizing the proverb,”Try, try again”.W.Clement Stone quotes

     “To every disadvantage
     There is a corresponding

In this poem,the poet states that when the world says,Give up,Hope whispers,Try it one more time.The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.So you should keep up trying again and again to cross this road.The poet proclaims:
    “For if you will persevere
      You will conquer”.
The poet says if at the first you do not succeed try again to get your struggle during failure.We should learn from failure.Henry Ford quotes:

    “Failure is only the 
      Opportunity to begin
      Again.only this time 
      More wisely”.

Try again is only the gate way to success.In other words,tries to explain the importance of try again in life.Many people get frustrated after failure and give up their struggle.So we can say that try again is only the way to be successful.

   “Get up,stand up,for your
     Get up,stand up, don’t
      Give up the flight”.

Thamos A Edison the famous scientist teaches us the same lesson in these words:

     “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.

The hopeful poem”Try again” is W.E Hickson’s master piece of didacticism.Hickson teaches us the lesson by saying that if your task is hard.Try, try again.Do not expect reward from somebody but only time will bring you your reward.The message of the poem is universal.One mustn’t surrender to the challenges or hurdles.It is our duty to try again and again.

    “Even tried.Even failed.
      No matter.Try again.Fail
      Again.Fail better”.

This thought provoking poem is composed in alternate and chain rhyme pattern which helps to emphasis on the motif,i.e.”Try Again”.The poem is an epitome of the lesson of success, courage,perseverance,
Conquest prevalance,
Grace and patience.

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