How to use a weed vaporizer ?

Burning anything creates harmful effects and same goes for all kinds of drugs, but vaping weed delivers something safer and actually more modern.
Well , if you don’t know what a weed vaporizer is and what is it used for, simply meant that you are a newbie in the realm of narcotics .

What is a weed vaporizer

A herb vaporizer is a device used to dry herb or weeds. They are in contrast to old fashioned e-cigs that use liquid cartridges.
Vaporizers have changed the traditional ways of having cannabis. They are less risky for health as compare to typical smoking methods . And much thanks to technology that vaporizers have become almost a household item for regular users and they are available easily at a very low cost . There are also portable vaporizers , easiest to use.

Now, let me tell you how to use it. Remember to follow these steps while using it next time .

1. Use fresh and dry herb 

First of all, you need to get some fresh and dry herb . It should not be much dry or sticky . Otherwise , you will not be able to vape it properly.  This step depends upon the moisture the weed posses.  You can check it by rubbing your weed slightly.  It should not be too moist to touch or too dry to be crushed by fingers.

2. Get the grind right 

After weed inspection, grind it properly.  Grinding increases the surface area and allows the heat to penetrate in it evenly . We suggest not to grind extra weed than you need to fill a single chamber.

3. Check your temperature 

Temperature is the most important factor of vaping. Different weed vaporizes at different temperatures. You need to know the boiling points or do some experiments to learn the exact temperature for your weed. Presence of moisture while selecting the weed and grinding also affect it.
Some users find it more effective to vaporize the weed at higher temperature , it depends upon the taste of user. So , go for experiments to find the temperature that suits your taste.

4. Pack tightly, but not overpacked it 

Now it’s time to pack your vape chamber tightly enough to allow the smooth  flow of vapour towards the mouthpiece.  Not too tightly to affect that flow or cause any damage to vaporizer.

5. Preheat your vaporizer 

Vaporizers work like ovans and they need some time to catch temperature. The only thing, you need to read the instructions carefully and learn how to preheat your vaporizer .
Modern vaporizers need only a few seconds to get heat up but some older models might take more time to get up temperature.  No matter what kind of vaporizer you are using, wait for the suitable time for  preheating before enjoying it.

6. Inhale slowly and lightly 

While inhaling, take gentle and polite breathes to enjoy the proper effect of weed . If you take deep drags  , it may cause some of weed to be sucked up by chamber into your mouth . Or it may allow the cold air to reduce the temperature of chamber.  Both ways can affect the quality of vaporizer.

7. Maintain your vape 

Never forget to clean your vaporizer properly. Follow the user guide and with the passage of time, replace its parts , if necessary.
Many vaporizers include tools for cleaning your vaporizer, usually a brush and a stir tool. Other essential items include cotton swabs, pipe cleaners and high-strength isopropyl alcohol.
Before packing your vaporizer, make sure it is off and not hot or you will lose precious vapor and possibly even burn your fingers. Not to mention it will also be much easier to pack when the oven or chamber is not hot.

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