How to earn money online

How to earn money online ?

Mostly people often ask that is it really possible to earn money online? Or is it a fraud?
the answer depends that how you want to earn or what ways you want to adopt for earning. If you want to earn $100 without struggle or effort in just few hours then let me tell me that it is impossible.
While browsing on internet or while using Facebook Twitter or Instagram even while reading newspapers you might have seen the advertisement like, just click on the link and earn amount or earn 1000 rupees just for a few hours online work . In the critical economic situations such advertisements seem very soothing and mostly people get theirselves strangled in the clutches of these frauds.
that’s why I am writing this article to answer all those questions that might arouse in your mind related to earning through internet,

It is a talent to earn through internet.

Make it really very clear that no website or person is going to give you money for nothing. If someone claims that by multiple clicks on a certain link or by sharing any website you will earn something ,that is a fraud . That might aim the advertisement of any product but not earning .
Same goes for those institutions who claim to teach you learning through internet by sitting in your chair are actually fraud . Such institutions just make their earnings throuhh your fees.

Google AdSense

Mostly People use the name of Google AdSense for fraud . there is no doubt that Google AdSense is a source of income for million of people. But they are those who working with sincerity and hard struggle .
But some people sale a confirmed AdSense account and receive money. Although you can register yourself for a confirm account but mostly people wanted the money to be recurved as soon as possible so they prefer to purchase a confirmed account .
Some people teach the ways of making a website and receive fees, and some sale the hosting and domain to customer.
Finally ,after a huge investment customer owns a website and AdSense account and then he starts the promotion of the links.
He clicks the advertisement links and make them clicked by his friend and relatives.
As a result ,after few days or weeks ,the Google AdSense account of the customer is blocked . Because it is unacceptable to click advertisements of your own site. It is not easy to batray Google .
Fraud recognition system is the key to success of Google AdSense. And once an account is blocked that will never be unblocked. So this chapter of earning through internet closes forever.

But there are some ways and tricks you can use to earn money online.

Making money from the internet is a fact and .Not only this can make you earn many times more than the typical job, but also make you skilled.
You noticed that when you write any word in the search bar of Google, advertisements related to that word appears on the right side of the screen . Google earns a huge share of its income through these , but it is not the sole owner of that income. You can receive your share by allowing the Google to show those advertisements on your website.
This was started on June 18 2003,and this is the most useful and effective way of earning money through Google.
You just need to create a website and promote your content to the readers through acceptable ways like boosting and Search engine optimisation.
Your content should be interesting and unique. Language of your website carry a great importance. It is observed that websites having English language earn a lot through Google AdSense . So choose language carefully, maintain your website and content so that more readers visit your site and more income you will earn.
Keep it mind that you cannot battery Google through the plagiarized content of other websites.

If it is not possible for you to develop a website, but you have some good ideas then you can have the services of any software house or developers. But you have to pay them . So be ready for early investment.

Not only websites but you can use your blogs for Google AdSense. If you can write at any topic then go create a blog.
This blog could be at or at

after completion of website its promotion is a necessary step to increase the quantity of visitors. You can do this talk through Facebook or Twitter. Your friends and followers can help you for engaging the traffic on your website.
Some experts advice not to give application for the registration of Google AdSense approximately for 6 months after completion of website. Otherwise it could be rejected. So it’s better to work on the maintenance of your website..

There is an other way to earn through internet and that is called freelancing.

If you are a web developer, programmer , fluent English speaker, graphic designer, content writer in short if you have expertise in any profession then you can do freelancing.

American and European companies have to bear a lot of other expenses as well as salary when they hire their natives. Mostly companies have low budget so they can’t afford a permanent staff. That’s why such companies hire the freelancers from the countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and China . They Outsource their required work to the expert people of these countries and save the money . On the other hand, freelancers got reasonable income as compare to local market.

Changes and progress in the field of internet and computer have converted the outsourcing in a proper and strong industry and this time outsourcing and freelancing is the industry of millions trillions dollars.
Either it is IBM or Intel Dell, they all prefer outsourcing to the permanent staff for reducing their expenditures.
you will be surprised to know that mostly customer support centre and call centre of American in European companies are located in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

if you have the knowledge of web development, graphic designer or computer programming then it is very easy for you to search online job.
Here are some websites helping you to get outsourcing projects.


This website is not much old but very favourite of freelancers. You can register yourself on this website.


Vworker is the oldest and famous market website. it is very easy to learn the details and working procedure of this website after getting the free registration.


This website started in 2003 and remain the most favourite website of the Pakistani software houses. Mostly software houses receive there outsource work from here. According to Alexa, this is the 60th high rated website in Pakistan.


You submit your proposal on this website to get projects.Those who give work are called clients and those who do work are called contractors here. It’s a reliable and useful website.


It was named guru in 1999. And up till now this website has done the business of million dollars. There are thousands of programmer design and developers are always ready to get projects


It is the most famous website for freelancing. Every project on this website is done only in $5.if you are a freelancer then you can register yourself for free here. And this is the most successful among all others.

So earning through internet is a fact. It all depends upon your ways, struggle, talent and passion.
Best of luck for this journey.

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