Ayesha safder

The poem daffodils is a master piece of WILLIAM WORDSWORTH who is an ardent lover of the nature.In this poem, the poet describes that the nature is a teacher, preacher and a healer to human beings. The poet describes the soothing effect of nature on the mind and soul of human beings. The poem starts with a beautiful simile of a cloud.
As the poet says:

          I wandered lonely as a cloud

The poet was wandering lonely and aimlessly in a hilly area . Suddenly, he came across the host of golden daffodils which were grown at the bank of the lake under the shade of green trees.The flowers were plenty in numbers as continuous as the stars on the milky way.As the poet says:

          Ten thousand saw I at a glance. 
           Tossing their heads in sprightly 

The flowers were waving in the cool breeze. They were seemed to be dancing happily.The beauty of daffodils was more charming than the waves in the lake.The poet was very much delighted to see the sight of daffodils.This view of dancing flowers left an everlasting impression on poet’s mind.He felt great joy and pleasure to remind the sight of daffodils.That’s why he wanted to become the part of that striking world . Although it was unable to join them physically yet he could join them spiritually through his imaginations

.John keats said:

                  A thing of a beauty is joy

The beauty of natural objects take away gloom from our sad hearts.The use of figurative language simile, metaphor, personification and musical devices make this poem matchless in beauty.The poem daffodils takes the reader into colourful and jocound world of daffodils…

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