13 Aims and objectives of education

13 Aims and objectives of education

1. To re establish the the existing education system with a view to provide social, political and spiritual neef of society.

2. To preserve the ideology of our country .

3. To promote unity and patriotism and the desire for the welfare state.

4. To preserve and promote cultural and ethical norms and religious toleration.

5. To provide equal educational opportunities to all citizen of country.

6. To create responsible members of society and global citizens.

7. To develop democratic and moral values.

8. To review confidence in public education system by raising the quality education in government institutions.

9. To improve services of education governance and management.

10. To improve the quality of education particularly relevant to the need of the economy.

11. To eradicate illiteracy within the shortest possible time through different literacy programs.

12. To enable the individuals to earn their livelihood throw skills which further contribute to the national economy.

13. To organise a national process for education development that will reduce disparities across the country.

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