Who is responsible for these 5 deaths


Who is responsible for these 5 deaths

Today ( Aug 25, 2022 ) in Dubir Kohistan, five brothers were swinging between life and death for four hours in the middle of the flood relay. Despite a huge cry out on social media, the provincial government could not send a helicopter from Peshawar, which only takes one to one and a half hours to come and go. In the middle of Manjhdar, four young men of the same family fell under the flood waves and one was left half dead by the flood itself.

Although this period between the hope of life and the illusion of death was a short period for us, how long and difficult this time must have been for these helpless brothers. What kind of doomsday would this have been for their heirs on the sidelines? And now what will be the place of mourning in this backward family?

We should not think about the sad death of these four young men, because time is gone. We should sit together and think about the indifference and failure of the state and the system of government, the ruler and the subjects divided among them. We should beat our heads together, and wait for our turn for such a painful end. !

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