Pakistani Nation is Crying at the Cruelty of their Government

 Pakistan Seeks help as lethal Floods Threaten Fragile financial system

  • Nation has suffered approximately more than 900 deaths from floods since mid-June.
  • Floods wash away millions of acres of vegetation: weather minister.

Pakistan has appealed to global donors for help as unprecedented rains cause a humanitarian disaster and threaten the economy of the state. But the reality is, that no government relief is being provided who are sitting hungry, thirsty, and without roofs in this severe weather. 

Current Situation

Flash floods from heavy monsoon showers have killed 913 human beings in view that June and inundated vegetation throughout the country. According to weather change Minister Sherry Rehman. She said hundreds are now without refuge and food and the country is short on relief items.

Yes, that’s true. But what is the government doing actually apart from using this natural disaster for its own benefits? Pakistani nation and youth have come forward and collected funds from common people to provide basic necessities in the areas but the situation is worsening with every passing day and the Government sitting in their luxurious offices is asking for donations. The whole nation is in shock, grief, and crying over this insensitivity in fact cruelty of authorities. Once a helicopter came with some bags and they don’t even bother to distribute the stuff. They threw the stuff from some distance and that got almost wasted. Seriously??? 
Is being in government responsibility or your birthright? 
Where the he** is disaster management institution that took revenue from our taxes and enjoy their lives?? 

“That is a climate-brought about humanitarian disaster of very epic proportion,” Rehman said at a press briefing in Islamabad.

The calamity comes as prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s authorities are coping with one of all Asia’s fastest inflation quotes and trying to end a dollar scarcity. The global economic Fund meets on Monday and is predicted to resume a $6 billion mortgage program. High Minister Sharif back on Thursday from Qatar, which plans to invest $three billion in Pakistan’s fragile financial system.

Rehman said the loss of life toll is growing, with the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan badly hit. Tv footage shows people in flood-affected districts wading thru water wearing their assets on their heads.

Officials with the militia and national disaster control Authority are the use of boats and vehicles to evacuate stranded human beings to higher floors whilst railways suspended a number of their operations after the flood washed away rail tracks.

Date- Aug25,2022

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