Basic attribute of a good Virtual assistance

 Virtual assistant  ( lecture 1 ) 

Basic Attributes 


Here we’re going to discuss some basic ethics if you intend to plung into this field.  If you are new to freelancing or wish to start earning online and you’re at zero knowledge right now . This write-up is for you .

 Before discussing ” what to do ” and ” how to do” , the art of presenting what you’re doing through your work, behaviour , communication & ethics is more important.  

 It’s like you know how to make tea of all kinds , but why & how the best tea house of city is gonna or should hire you ?? 

 So here is a short list of your personal & interpersonal skills , you should focus on… 

 1. Professionalism 

 Be professional, tell yourself that you’re not dealing with your wife or buddy here. 

 2. Tone 

 Work on your tone, speed, pitch of voice. And in written, on vocabulary, correct use of technical/non technical terms & precision. 

 3. Precision 

 Do not write “afsany” in messages.  Precision is tough to adopt but it worth it. 

 4. To the point 

 While addressing query or telling something, just focus on main core instead of long greetings,previous repetition and all 

 5. Politeness 

 Be polite even if you’re opposing your client or his idea. It’s an art .

 6. Excellence 

 Reach point of excellence both in your skill and communication. 

 7. Integrity 

 Maintain your level, neither too superior nor too inferior.  Try to be and remain moderate. 

 8. Personal information 

 Never ask your client for his WhatsApp, e-mail address or any other contact info until he demanded that. 

 9. Committed 

 Be strictly committed with your deadline and duties. Never let your petty reasons create hurdles for you .

 10. Punctuality 

 Work daily and fix your work hours . Never consider your task too easy to ignore it and waste your time watching Peaky Blinders. 

 11. Be reachable 

 You should be reachable for your customer.  It doesn’t mean 24/7 but at least 12 hours a day.  

 12. Art of questioning 

 Learn how to ask . Try avoiding basic and idiot questions . Try to be specific in your question. 

 13. Keep yourself updated

 Keep grooming yourself and your skills. Try to have smart approach but not too smart to be blind sided. 

 14. Presentation 

 Focus on your appearances and presentation of your work.  Because, you know friends, appearances matter. 

 These are some basic attributes you’ve to develope in yourself, if you want to learn and earn through internet. 



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