What basic skills a va should have

 After learning the basic ethics , let’s have a discussion about VA.

 What is VA? 

 Virtual assistant: 

 Duties: To do A to Z tasks  ( mostly technical) for his employer/client.

 Characteristics of VA .

 It’s a really vast field but some basic skills that are necessary are as follow: 

 1. Word processing skill 

 Data entry, typing, excel and such basic skills should be in hand of VA.

 2. Verbal and written communication & convincing skills. 

 3. Self motivated & disciplined 

 4. Loyal to himself & with client 

 5. Quick decision power & creativity.  

Virtual Assistant Services and Jobs | Complete Guide” by (Usman Fahad).

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an individual that carries out administrative services from a remote location from the client but can still access the necessary documents required. A VA is generally self-employed and provides administrative services along with technical and creative assistance to the client.

A Virtual Assistant due to their work in administration, usually in businesses, is popular with entrepreneurs and online businesses. This is due to the reduced cost of having to provide workspace to the staff. This added benefit has increased the demand for a VA.

What does Being a Virtual Assistant entail?

The job of a virtual assistant isn’t limited to just clerical and administrative work. They can assist with marketing, web designing, graphics, book-keeping, and much more. 

A Virtual Assistant can either have a special skill set or they can cater to a certain industry, like a VA assisting a realtor.  

Some of the tasks undertaken by a VA are:

1. Calendar Management

2. Email and Contact Management

3. Phone Tasks

4. Business Development

5. Accounting

6. Management 

What skills must a VA have?

Even though a VA is not obliged to have a certain level of degree, there is a certain type of skills that are a must. Some of the skills you can learn before starting your VA career can include:

1. Word-processing

Word Processing is a must to have as a VA. This is a basic part of the job and includes data entry, typing, editing, and accuracy of the information and job.  

2. Computer Skills 

As all tasks are to be done on a computer, a VA should be proficient in computer skills and be familiar with programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word. Advance internet skills might also be needed if a client requires maintenance and support for their website or database. 

3. Oral Communication and Writing skills

In the virtual world communication through fax and emails is necessary. For this, a VA should have enough skill to effectively communicate via written communication.

Oral Communication is also very important for communication with the client and customers to keep the flow of information and a pleasant overall experience.  

4. Multitasking and Time Management 

Sometimes it becomes necessary to handle multiple takes at once so this skill and awareness will come in handy.  A VA also must handle their time and the schedule of their client so time management is a must for it. 

What is Income for a VA?

Depending on the skillset, a VA can make from about 3$ to about 60$ per hour (according to Small Revolution).

A general VA can have a monthly income of about 500$ to 800$ while a VA with a special Skill Set like web development or graphic designing can have a monthly salary of about 800$ to 1500$.

ZipRecruiter, one of the largest US company recruits VA anywhere from 7$ to 60$ hourly wage with a national average being around 32$/Hour.

Available Jobs For VA.

1. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you take care of the online marketing and customer care, opening accounts on social platforms, coming up with detailed profiles, creating and sharing posts, reviewing, and comparing competitors, researching key hashtag conversation to figure out the public opinion, engaging the audience, and much more.

2. SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and Digital marketing require knowledge of how to handle search engines and networking. An SEO Manager helps develop, update, and optimize web marketing strategy, starts an in-depth competitor analysis, observing traffic to the websites, and is involved in analyzing the weekly and monthly google analytics reports.

3. Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants handle tasks like making reservations, handling calendars, ordering food delivery, maintaining the schedule, and overseeing the employees and the paperwork.

4. Content writing

Content Writing has to deal with writing scripts for podcasts, data entry, writing emails, and fax. It also involves creating posts for products or services on social media, article, and blog writing, designing brochures, manual guides and responding to comments, etc. 

5. Audio and Video Editor

Basic Editing skills are required. Some other tasks assigned to you can include, updating websites, uploading videos, editing audio files to remove background noise, trimming footage, recording, editing and setting up podcasts, and general knowledge related to audio and video editing equipment. 

Virtual Assistants in high demand and are specialized in many different tasks and fields. You can provide your services as a contract worker and a freelancer or become a part of an organization as an employee. The services you provide can range from simple tasks like making reservations or writing emails to highly sophisticated tasks involving specific skillsets. 

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