Roles of Pakistani Local Poets in the delicate situation of flood across the country

 Roles of Pakistani Local Poets in the delicate situation of flood across the country.

Sitting idle, crying, and moaning is the solution to nothing but it brings more negativity, hopelessness, and pessimism. This is what most people do in any calamity. 
They blame the government, and administration without realizing that their blame won’t be for any good in the current situation. 

In the 2022 flood, more than 50% of Pakistani villages vanished. There is nothing to eat, nothing to wear, and even nothing to say when Pakistani Poets came forward individually and urge their readers to donate whatever they can. 

Donation starts from 10PKR and reached more than 25Million Pkr in a few weeks. 
They came into fields, do their research, gather teams, and went into the areas where the government didn’t dare to go. 

They saw the miserable old people, innocent villagers, and dead bodies and do whatever they could. 
They are not landlords. They will not be paid for the deed but they did what was the demand of the situation. 

They provided food to the old woman who was left alone in the world, clothes to the young ladies, and shoes to the barefoot kids. They hug them 
They kissed them. 
They cry with them.

This is what a nation is. 

Moreover, on the other hand, the rich bit*hes are partying with no mercy and a sense of responsibility. 
Some of the social media names are,

Sabahat Arooj
Izhar Syed
Fareeha Naqvi
Laraib Kazmi
Tehzeeb Hafi
Faisal Mehmood
Abubakar Korai
Ifrahim Altaf
Adnan Mohsin
Imran Rahib
Imran Lodhi
Asghar Gurmani
Awais Ali
Najam ul Hassan
Usman Karim Bhutta

Be United. 

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