How to remove a show from Netflix Continue Watching list

 If you are watching Netflix and list in continuous watching shows irritates you, follow these steps to remove shows from your Continue Watching list. 


 Then is how to remove a show from your Continue Watching list from a computer. 

 1. Find the show you want to remove and place your cursor over it without opening it. 


 2. detect X on the list that appears. It’s around to the thumbs-down icon. 

 3. Tap Remove From Row. 


 4. Netflix will prompt you for feedback on why you are removing the show. You can select I like this but do not want to continue watching, I do not like this, or Just drawing up. Choose whichever fits and the show will be removed from your list. 

Still, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen once the show is removed that will allow you to undo it If you removed a show by mistake.

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