Life is all about learning

It is said that learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence .
Learning is not about getting a degree or diploma.  It is a process of modifying yourself, acquiring new skills . It’s about your behavio

urs, your values and your priorities. 
No way except learning could make you a useful creature.  Best way of learning is to use and focus all your senses collectively at some point and just beat it .
Solve it if that is issue, understand it if that is a complex problem. 
Never think that some other’s learning is going to be useful for you . It is you , who needs to proceed, to be a new man , better than yesterday .
No-one is going to hold your hand in the hard journey of life. No-one is going to wipe your tears when you overcome by some pain , but only you, yourself .
Just keep focus on learning . Satisfaction, wealth and society is waiting to follow you . 
Be honest with yourself .    

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