6 Emotional triggers that will connect you with your customers on a deeper level

 6 Emotional triggers that will connect you with your customers on a deeper level

Emotional triggering is a very important part of copywriting. If you succeed in triggering the emotion in your readers, your chances of urging them to act become high. The knowledge of the human psyche and consumer psyche is really important in this regard. Marketing content and advertisements written with keeping the psyche knowledge and emotional triggering in view bring more results and ultimately more revenue.

On the other hand, if you have no human psyche knowledge, your copy will fail to trigger any emotions in the reader and you will fail to land them no matter how well you have written your copy.

Why emotional triggers are necessary for copywriting?


Any product comes up with fulfilling any need of the user or satisfying their desire. Individuals have fears, wishes, and feelings. They have hope when they buy something or fear losing something. In your copy, you must use this factor.
Sales copy can bring sales if the consumer feels something and act on it. Emotional appeal is the only way to urge feeling and action.

There is a list of 6 emotional triggers that can be used in your copy for better results.


Your consumers have doubts because every business is trying to hit them online to win their style so they don’t and can’t seem to trust any business.
Especially for start-ups, gaining trust can be a quite difficult task.
The phrase “No hidden charges” is an example and evokes the feeling of trust as they might have experienced some hidden charges somewhere.
Guarantee is another trust-evoking factor used in copywriting and makes the reader feel safe that he can return the product or get a refund if he is not satisfied.
Explaining your rates is also an example of how to get the trust of the user.
If you are charging too high or too low than the marketing rate, you are already a suspect of a scam. In such scenarios, explain the features of your product and give them reasons to justify your price so that they trust you.

Providing real data, facts, and figures are also helpful in gaining trust, you can use these factors in your copy.
Some words that gain trust are No hidden, Scientifically proven, guaranteed, and absolutely.
Do not overuse or abuse them instead use these words wisely in your ad where they are needed.

Instant act

Consumers do not wait in this era when they have everything just one click away.
You will fail if you deliver them one week later what they want right now or the next day.
The highest competition and giants like Amazon are acting on this rule and providing deliveries in a few hours.
This practice of businesses has ruined the ability to wait for something they ordered online.
An effective copy makes them feel that they want it right now, but a bad delivery process can badly damage your business.
On the other hand, a fast delivery process but not mentioning that in your copy is also of no good. Words like right now, 24/7, same day, and instant access must be there in the copy if you have a great delivery system.

Brand Value


Sometimes people buy just to buy a specific brand and that’s it. They feel elevated to be a part of the specific group [p and this is the exact reason why some people only buy Nike or Adidas or Gucci.
Humans are social animals and they want validation from others by being a user of a specific brand. Companies use this psyche by using phrases like, “would you like to be a part of…” and conclude it with “you are family”
This style seems more personalized and makes the reader feel its importance.

This feeling of belonging satisfies our psychological needs and forces us to be loyal to the specific brand. It raises the emotional attachment and ethically brands are meant to respect that attachment by keeping their quality high.

Together, society, become a member, join the community of… are some of the powerful words to use in this context.


A very delicate yet powerful trigger that skilled copywriters used in their copy to generate revenue. People don’t like to be treated in unjust or unfair ways and any copy that makes them realize how they were treated by not using this product until now brings anger and guilt at the same time.
But anger becomes a great motivator when they are presented as the hero if they start acting on the solution to the problem right away. And that is the point where they act exactly like the copywriter wants them to act.
The very basic knowledge of the human psyche also helps in using this factor. A famous ad starts with, “How does it feel to wear like a girl?”
Like a girl?? Now, psychology says mostly girls from 14 to 23 have a negative feeling about being called “like a girl” and these emotional triggers almost guaranteed the results.
This is the most delicate emotion to trigger without letting the readers know that they are being triggered. A minor slip of words can reciprocate the results. 




Guilt is widely used and on top of the powerful triggers. It is widely used in charity campaigns and NGOs all around the world. You must have heard a lot of phrases like, “Don’t let the sick kid die so soon”.
Some businesses also use this technique when they offer to give something to charity with each purchase and it motivates you to make the purchase right away.
A skilled copywriter can craft an appealing copy using this emotional trigger and sometimes it can be a bit controversial. Controversial messages come with heated debates and debates always increase engagement and chances of action by the consumer.
Some words that trigger guilt are compassion, kindness, help, understanding, humane, and disgrace.


People love to be unique and they satisfy themselves by showing off their uniqueness to get some proof of social validation.
A copywriter telling them that they won’t be able to join a specific course if they fail the test hit the trigger and they actually start wanting to join the course because it seems to be a course for selected ones. Similarly, in any exclusive group, paid membership with the right details has the trigger of exclusivity in the background.
A very important factor to keep in mind is to pit the boundary on numbers to keep it actually exclusive as we will only accept 100 applicants.
Or become one of the 30 members who will join our $10,000/year group.
Words like members only, invitation, limited edition, and available only for 24 hours trigger this emotion.


Different kinds of triggers are used in different types of copies.
Find your style and use it in the best possible way to get the best results.

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